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Do The Little Things Right

Do The Little Things Right

Nieco sat down with Chris McLean of The Peak Performance & Predictable Growth podcast to discuss what has become The Gorilla Agency’s in-house mantra: “Do the little things right.”

After years of experience, we’ve found that most marketing is over-complicated – especially for small business owners. Many marketing companies go after billable hours, charging like lawyers for “flashy” types of marketing that businesses may or may not really need.

While flashy, expensive marketing can be effective – it’s usually not within reach for small or even medium-sized businesses. More importantly, those “extra” types of marketing are wasteful if certain foundational basics are not in place. Spoiler alert: they usually aren’t.

Those foundational basics are “the little things.” Why run a Google Ads campaign if your website isn’t perfectly set up to facilitate conversions? Why do a million types of marketing and split a limited budget rather than maximize the most effective one first?

More isn’t always better. We’ve found that simple is usually best. And, unfortunately, these basics are often overlooked.

The Gorilla Agency’s entire business model is based on doing these little things right and always focusing on the marketing that is most effective for your business. Small business owners can’t afford to invest in marketing that doesn’t do something for them and make a positive impact. Forgetting to do the little things is throwing vital money down the drain.

Listen to the podcast to dive into these details and more!