Don’t Forget the Magic!

Each one of our projects begins with a meeting or a phone call. Since we deal in marketing, our first step is always getting to know you and your business. It has to be! This is when we learn about the W’s (who, what, when, and most importantly – why) behind the work. We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all product. The Gorilla Agency offers a service customized to YOU. And to represent your business well, we have to take a joyride in your shoes.

This is the Magic.

The Magic is the purpose behind what you do and the value it brings to others. Many businesses get this one wrong.

They start from the end instead of the beginning. Most of their energy goes toward the end result – the sale, the close, the money in the bank – instead of benefitting the consumer from the start. When value is provided from the get-go, you’re sure to end up with all those good things that come at the end (and more of them!). Not the least of which is the satisfaction of providing that value to another, by the way.

How does this play out? Let’s use a marketing example. Many companies come to us looking for a logo. Logos carry the identity of a brand and identifying them is often a very personal, meaningful experience (pass the tissues!). Most people look for what they’re looking for in a logo. Sounds reasonable, right? After all, the logo represents the person’s business and he or she wants to feel proud and confident using it.

But wait! Who is your branding really for? Who does it affect most? When all is said and done, branding is entirely for your consumer. It’s a tool meant to get their attention so that you can provide them value in the form of your product or service. If everyone knew all about your business, there’d be no need for branding at all. Frankly, what you think of your logo doesn’t matter *as much* as what the consumer thinks. Does the logo do its job? Does it create a favorable impression of your business, indicate what you do at a glance, or invoke interest? If the answer is, “no” – it may be time to toss the idea, even if you think it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

This is not to say that your identity and the way you want to represent your business don’t matter. They do – and a whole lot. It’s simply a friendly reminder not to forget about the other side of the coin in the process.

At the end of the day, marketing is all about showing others who you are and how your business can help them. And the more value you provide, the more you’ll be remunerated for it. Win-win! Gorilla Agency will help you do just that with consumer-oriented marketing programs highlighting the true Magic of your business. And whatever that Magic is – don’t forget it!

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