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FAQ | The Gorilla Agency


Why the name ``Gorilla Agency?``

The Gorilla Agency’s name is based on the concept of guerrilla marketing – low(er) cost, high impact marketing tactics that require investments of hard work and creativity, rather than excessive amounts of money. Our goal is to work smart to get you the highest ROI from any budget.

Why Did You Start The Gorilla Agency?

Almost 100% of our clients come to us with negative experiences from previous marketing companies. Something’s not right there! Almost ALL. We started The Gorilla Agency to help you grow your business. We are real people interested in developing real relationships with anyone who steps into our office. You’ll never be routed to some elusive account executive you can never get a hold of or overcharged for items you really don’t need. We’re here for and accessible to you. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Is the money I spend on marketing tax deductible?

It very well could be! Many businesses don’t think to deduct their marketing expenses. Consult with a tax professional to see how much you can save this tax season!

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Do You Charge For Meetings?

No, we do not charge for general meetings. Getting to know each other, brainstorming about how to better your business, and bouncing ideas around shouldn’t be penalized. We love chatting with our clients and look forward to having you in the office sometime soon.

How can I save money?

You can always save money by helping us develop the content we’ll use in your marketing items. This in no way means writing every word on your own website, for instance. However, the more information and knowledge we glean from you – the expert in your field – the faster we can work and (more importantly) the better the results will be.

Will You Teach Me?

We’re happy to provide consulting and education for any of the marketing tools we create for your business. However, some (most) of our clients honestly don’t care to be involved in the backend work powering their marketing programs. We call that the “just take care of it” mentality – and that’s A-OK too!