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What Is Guerrilla Marketing?

The “Gorilla” in Gorilla Agency comes from the concept of guerrilla marketing. Fun fact: most people don’t ask about our business name and are cool with seeing the gorillas and bananas on the walls when they come to visit. For those who do ask, the relationship to guerrilla marketing isn’t much of an explanation in and of itself. So what is guerrilla marketing anyway?

Guerrilla marketing is high impact, low cost marketing solutions utilizing creativity and hard work instead of excess money.

Guerrilla marketing in turn comes from guerrilla warfare – where small, non-military groups use hit-and-run, ambush style tactics to fight larger and more traditional militaries. An army otherwise prepared for battle with another large army could be crippled by surprise raids, sabotage and other petty-warfare tactics from guerrilla groups a percentage of its size. These warriors themselves were often referred to as guerrillas.

Guerrilla marketing has come to embody the same rebellious success against more traditional (and expensive) marketing tactics that guerrilla warriors had against large armies. Traditionally, guerrilla marketing strategies are extremely creative and clever – and best understood when observed firsthand (Note: the design in the cover photo was created by Peter Shack at Bates Y&R in Copenhagen, Denmark).

National Geographic Guerrilla Marketing | The Gorilla Agency

Like this image for National Geographic (Source)

Bigelow Tea Guerrilla Marketing | The Gorilla Agency

Or this one from Bigelow Tea (Source)

The Gorilla Agency has taken the concept of guerrilla marketing and tweaked it into our own gorilla marketing.

Our goal is to deliver the best results and highest ROI from any budget. We’ve found that most people don’t do the little things right first. These “little things” often mean the MOST for your business. While the odds may seem to favor high ticket advertising and big flashy marketing companies, there’s a good chance a chunk of your money is being wasted on those items. High quality marketing basics can outperform a high budget. How? By using every dollar on only the most effective marketing solutions for your unique business. We maximize the efficiency of your money – making your $1 work like your competition’s $10. See? Guerrilla (gorilla) marketing.

We get down in the trenches to build your marketing program and your business from the ground up – always starting with a solid foundation. We’ve found that the little things, done right can mean very BIG success for you and your business. We’re your guerrilla warriors, here to fight for you and take your business to new heights!