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Marketing Brochures

Website Development + Free Analysis Brochure | The Gorilla Agency

Website development

+ Free Analysis

The importance of a great website for your business

Free analysis your current website and ideas for an upgrade

Main features included on a new website from The Gorilla Agency

$500 BONUS value included on all websites!

Website Maintenance Brochure | The Gorilla Agency

website maintenance

Maintenance affects the security, functionality & usability of your site

Offsite backups of WordPress, themes, plugins and databases

How often you really need to conduct website maintenance

Website edits often included with maintenance package

All About AdWords Brochure | The Gorilla Agency

all about adwords

The basics on what AdWords actually is and how it works

Customizing ads for keywords, demographics, locations & budget

How long until you see results

``No one really clicks on the ads!`` DEBUNKED

Additional Marketing Services Brochure | The Gorilla Agency

additional marketing

Full circle marketing programs complement each other for best results

Why business cards will always trump digital marketing

Our proven method to increase online reviews

Newsletters for client promotion and education

BONUS - Free Access Bundle with all logins & passwords in one place