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AKA Management

AKA Management works in a complex industry: telecommunications. Though we can’t claim to be experts in wholesale VoIP termination, rate decks, calls per second or switches – we do know a little something about marketing! “Get to the point” is a fairly universal marketing principle. So we did just that! The site dives straight into all the features of AKA’s platform, services, and pricing. It also includes a customized contact form. Because AKA works with clients from all around the world who in turn send call traffic all around the world, we topped the site off with a globe inspired logo and a hologram-like, rotating globe video slider.

Client Testimonial

“You know, I am swept away by the creativity, details, coordination, and speed of service by Big G.A. Even more satisfying has been the response from my customers and prospects. Often the site is complimented. Makes me proud. – Robert