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Back to Joy

It was a joy to help the Back to Joy website come to life! Back to Joy is a 6-week neuro-retraining and nutritional program designed to heal anxiety and depression. When we started this project, the program was in book form. Our challenge was to design a website to facilitate the program in an online format. We started with a logo design that invokes a bright, joyful mood through color and style while also paying tribute to the science-based, neuro -retraining aspect of the program with a brain icon. Next was the website! This includes a page for each week of the program. Each page breaks down daily tasks with downloadable checklists as well as weekly recipes that can be viewed and sorted directly online or printed. The site also utilizes specialized code to restrict the program content to only those who have paid for it. This means that certain pages are blocked until a user registers, creates an online profile, and pays for the program. Other pages, however, remain available to the public and provide general information, a trial, free recipes, and more. The perfect sales funnel!

Client Testimonial

“From our first meeting, we knew that we were in capable hands with The Gorilla Agency. The creative director Lo, helped us with logo work and really heard what we wanted and brought it to life. Then more magic happened, Lauren K took over and we were off, the website took beautiful shape. Gorilla Agency is excellent in both communicating with us and intuitively knowing what we wanted. The team really stuck with us throughout the process.  Building a website can be overwhelming, but not when your working with Gorilla, they have a way of breaking it down and making the entire process approachable. Thanks Gorilla Agency!! – Maddie