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Beaverton foods

If we’ve learned one thing it’s not to work on Beaverton Foods projects before lunch! This website features over 80 delicious and award-winning products plus an e-commerce store with national shipping functionality, custom recipes, and a historical timeline straight from this family-owned company’s family history books. We revamped this website to match Beaverton Foods’ updated branding and new 90-year anniversary labels – ensuring every page on the website is consistent with the brand’s new style and story and creates one cohesive look.


“Thank you to the team at the Gorilla Agency. They did a spectacular job with updating our website. Nieco and the 2 Laurens are amazing to work with. Their professionalism is suburb and we would highly recommend all their services. They took what we had in our collective Beaverton Foods heads and turned it into a beautiful reality. We couldn’t be happier and look forward to working with them more in the future. Grade – A+ – Cheryl