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A desktop screen next to a mobile screen displaying the Organic Matters Soil website
A desktop screen with animated scrolling of the Organic Matters Soil website from top to bottom


This was a full brand creation and website construction project from the ground (soil?) up! For years, this client had no branding or website of any kind. When it was finally time to get both, he came to us! We worked through over 12 logo iterations inspired by art deco elements, scrollwork, and tattoos as well as multiple color schemes. Eventually, the client landed on the version on the site in a chic, plain black and white.


The website, however, incorporates light green – a color characteristic of plants, nature, and all things “eco” and “organic.” We also utilized rounded-ness throughout (fonts, buttons, icons, etc.) to play to the concept of organic shapes and the logo icon.


Pull it altogether and Organic Matters Soil now has branding and a website to last!