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the ecosystem approach

A unique project requires creative solutions! The Ecosystem Approach by definition is an alternative, unique approach to wellness. Its founders are husband and wife team, Jason and Patricia. They describe themselves as “intuitives” – knowing full well that the word usually provokes side glances and “I’m not into that kind of stuff” responses from others. Our goal at The Gorilla Agency was to explain Jason and Patricia’s program through a website in a way that would be accessible to others. The site needed to be able to speak to people from all walks of life, mindsets, and beliefs and demonstrate how the program is different, real, and practical. We achieved this by creating a funnel through the site. The funnel starts by providing education about the program, continues by directing people to a free trial with a mountain of free content, and concludes by providing the opportunity to upgrade to a paid trial. This gives everyone the opportunity to consider this unique approach and decide for themselves whether it’s helpful or not before spending a dime! A win for everyone!


“My experience with the Gorilla Agency spans multiple years, and multiple projects and web sites. They ALWAYS perform to the highest standard and I still remember when a provider walked away from the business and we were left in a bad way. They saved my bacon!! So they’re extremely reliable – check! Also, my business defies explanation! It is very unique and marketing and creating a web site and presence is a super challenge! I know Lauren is some type of marketing savant, she is able to translate my gibberish, to relate-able english! So creativity – check! I worked with them as a team and they work well together and with my team with them. So teamwork – check! I highly recommend!” – Jason


“My husband and I work together in a small business with unique marketing challenges! For me, the best indicator of teamwork and performance for the Gorilla Agency is there ability to work with my husband! My hat’s off to Lauren, she’s learned the language code to team with him in the best possible way! I would always choose the Gorilla Agency just for that reason. Strongly recommend!” – Patricia