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When Chuck from Clean-Coat first reached out, it had to been about 5 years ago from today. He was in a difficult position (one that we know well). He was trying to scale up his business and needed the leads necessary to support his growth plan. For the next few seasons, we supported Chuck primarily with our PPC service to help generate qualified customers at a high ROI. That worked well for a number of years but had its own setbacks as well.

Fast forward to last year, Chuck was ready to push into full “Growth Mode.” Having already completed his website in years past, our focus initially was outlining his vision for the business. What became clear was that he wanted something he could be proud of. “A brand” to stamp his name on and that would get recognized locally when he bid on projects. Our first task was just that, delivering a full comprehensive rebrand in the style and tone that was reflective of what he always envisioned.

We’ve now progressed into a broader strategy having seen the success (and limitations) from just a PPC campaign alone. To date, we’re now working with Chuck to target the specific service that will help differentiate him in the marketplace. We’re progressing currently through the following deliverables and are excited to share the results in the coming months:

  • Local SEO campaign with targeted keyword focus
  • Robust B2B lead generation campaign
  • Referral campaign with adjacent and complementary industries
  • Complete overhaul of his data and analytics dashboard
Clean-Coat - Custom-UI-UX

Custom UI/UX Website Design

As with all branding projects, it’s important to us that we make sure the website represents the new style and tone after completion. Our first mission was to update the visuals on the site we completed in the past. As we progressed, we realized that our change in strategy warranted a significant update to his sitemap and overall page content.

We created a process with the client to develop more graphics that showcase the beauty of his before-and-after experience using on-site photography. We updated all his services to match our keyword strategy and positioned each page with its focus to help boost his rankings over the next several months.

As with most local SEO work, we now work on various deliverables each week to help get him to the position he needs to be. As we get rolling through his summer season, be sure to check back for the results of those campaigns, and we’ll be excited to share them once we get more data from our efforts.

Fall in Love with your business again!

When you work hard to be the best at what you do, you deserve to be proud of the brand you've worked so hard to create. We aim to elevate who you are today to help craft a new style for tomorrow. And every day after.

Brand Book &
Style Guide Development

This project was so much fun because Chuck allowed us to get creative with his branding. We aimed to take an otherwise dull industry and highlight what he does: clean and protect your surfaces, primarily concrete.

Our design team quickly began outlining ideas on how we could showcase the “shine” effect. We applied textures and spatter with a few drip effects to make his typeset logo pop slightly more.

As we worked through his branding collateral, we always like to have a little fun (when allowed) when it comes to business cards. To date, these are still our favorites. We create a first for our team: reflect, mirror-backed business cards with a chrome finish so that whoever is holding the card can see their reflection. We wanted to emphasize the “clean” in his name but to be honest, we always just wanted to make them cool!

Here is a preview of what else we accomplished for this Clean-Coat:

  • A complete brand book and style guide was delivered, beautifully presented in PDF format. Every image is available for our clients to utilize and download from their client drive in whatever format is needed.
  • Delivered a hardcopy coffee-style book for clients to use for in-person meetings.
  • Logo Marks: Custom designs tailored to their brand concept.
  • Primary & Secondary Logos: Versatility for every use.
  • Positive & Negatives: Ensuring clear representation.
  • Brand Typography: A unique typeface that speaks your language.
  • Color Palette: Colors that resonate with your brand’s personality.
  • Stationery: Professional letterhead, print work requests, business cards, and anything else you can imagine or request.
  • Truck trailer wrap designs
  • Custom metal business cards

"Their creativety and ability drive business leads, continues to excede my expectations."

So…. After more than 8-Years working with the Gorilla Agency, Nieco and his team continue to inivate and drive my business forward to the next level. Their creativity and ability drive business leads, continues to excede my expectations. As we venture into our next our next phase, Nieco and his team have launched their Eleanor marketing plan. In a short time, we are opening several new B2B (Business to Business) opportunities and I’m very excited about the additional leads that have been generated.

Chuck Zweber

Owner, Clean-Coat

Clean-Coat - Desktop Clean-Coat - Tablet Clean-Coat - Mobile

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