Campaign Deliverables

Global Technology Transfer Group (or GTT for short) is a patent brokerage firm with 60 years of experience taking care of their clients’ patent portfolio needs. They recently moved into a newly renovated, trendy office space in downtown Portland. It was only natural that their website needed a refresh as well! That’s where The Gorilla Agency swooped in. We started the process with a brand new logo featuring Japanese influence to represent the clients’ time spent living and working in Japan. The website followed with an equally sleek and modern design. We included specialized features like a custom coded ticker for their patent buyer and seller transactions, streamlined services and tools pages, and a custom contact form. Voila!


Custom UI/UX Website Design

To this day, this project ranks among one of our favorite sites related to photography assets. GTT has an office here locally in Portland, and it’s an architectural and design masterpiece. Although the client was in a technical space (patent industry), we utilize a variety of in-office photos and background layers to represent who they are and promote a strong brand identity.

Among many deliverables, here are a few that we pulled as highlights for this project:

  • The complete transformation from concept to a new custom theme & style guide crafted to match the client’s new brand guidelines.
  • Hand-crafted, beautiful new homepage and interior page designs.
  • Engaging, SEO-rich content that drives traffic, promotes the brand story, and answers FAQ’s from customer base.
  • Professionally designed blog pages for SEO.
  • Custom photography work on location.
  • And so much more! (But you’ll have to ask them for more details).

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Logo Design & Branding

Our team wanted to elevate their old branding to represent the owners. Fresh off a recent trip to Japan, the concepts we provided throughout the process were inspired by that trip. You’ll see themes that span a variety of cultural elements, such as the Samurai, mountain ranges, circles, origami, and more.

Once we completed the initial concepts and had a primary and secondary logo approved, we developed a series of unique business cards using a spot-UV gloss on the center icon to give it some shine. We took things a step further, even as we helped develop a series of PowerPoint presentations, letterheads, and various other stationery throughout the years we worked together. In an otherwise complicated and technical industry, showcasing creativity with a client who allows you to explore ways to differentiate them is fun.

For a more visual representation of our logo and the photography our team completed, visit and take a look!


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