Campaign Deliverables

This was an exciting project and a perfect test for our “Eleanor Package” that we rolled out in 2024. Our client, Nick, gave us a fantastic opportunity to showcase what we could do creatively. What we had to begin with was a domain: Here are some of the highlights from this ongoing project.

We clearly understood Nick’s vision and how we could utilize the power of his single-word, industry-perfect domain. To begin, we had to develop his branding with a national focus, with the goal of showcasing speed, delivery, and a USA-based feel.

After we initiated the branding process with our design team, we quickly started the website development process on a similar timeline. We were starting from scratch so we had to quickly develop a site map architecture and page copy to complete the site. Additionally, we had to figure out graphics, given that is a distribution hub and doesn’t offer a specific product but a service. Since Nick was a local client, we coordinated our photographer and videographer to go on-site and begin collecting assets.

As the website developed, we wanted to add some extra flare with one of our custom “hype videos” to showcase how distributes products around the Country.

As we approached launching the new website, we initiated our national SEO campaign, B2B lead generation strategy, and PPC campaign to help generate some immediate leads while we progressed through the initial stages of SEO growth.

From start to finish, this project was complex and multifaceted, given the scope of work. We’re thankful for the support from the client for giving us so much creative freedom, and we even impressed ourselves with the ability to go from a domain name to a full, omnichannel campaign launch with new branding in just under 9 months. While we are still early in getting the results from our efforts, we’re excited to share the progress we’ve made in the last 3-4 months since completing the website and branding package.

Design - Custom-UI-UX

Custom UI/UX Website Design

We joke that somehow we became the “Perlite Marketers of America,” given that we now have three clients in the industry across the USA. However, that made this project even more complex because every site for every client must be unique and carefully structured to match their tone and messaging.

Our goal was simplicity in the details and a heavy focus on the process and explanation of the products. Not only did we want to increase SEO rankings nationally, but since their target market was much more B2B focused, we wanted to emphasize the characteristics of a website that matter for those seeking large bulk perlite orders on a national scale.

Among many deliverables, here are a few that we pulled as highlights for this project:

  • The complete transformation from concept to a new custom theme & style guide crafted to match the client’s new brand guidelines.
  • Hand-crafted, beautiful new homepage and interior page designs.
  • Engaging, SEO-rich content that drives traffic, promotes the brand story, and answers FAQ’s from customer base.
  • Professionally designed blog pages for SEO.
  • Custom “Hype Video” for homepage & professional photography
  • Unique “How Perlite is Made” page
  • And so much more! (But you’ll have to ask them for more details).

Fall in Love with your business again!

When you work hard to be the best at what you do, you deserve to be proud of the brand you've worked so hard to create. We aim to elevate who you are today to help craft a new style for tomorrow. And every day after.

Brand Book &
Style Guide Development

Our true industry differentiator is our ability to creatively reimagine a brand and present a story as our client’s always imagined. Our process is built on a simple premise: if it’s not 100% what you want, we keep working. You should love your brand and be proud of the visual representation and how customers first experience your business.

For, here is what we accomplished to take his brand from a concept to a full operating business in less than one year.

  • A complete brand book and style guide was delivered, beautifully presented in PDF format. Every image is available for our client to utilize and download from their client drive in whatever format is needed.
  • Logo Marks: Custom designs tailored to their brand concept.
  • Primary & Secondary Logos: Versatility for every use.
  • Positive & Negatives: Ensuring clear representation.
  • Brand Typography: A unique typeface that speaks your language.
  • Color Palette: Colors that resonate with their brand’s personality.
  • Stationery: Professional letterhead, print work requests, business cards, TDS sheets, POS docs, and more!
  • Social Media Assets: Cohesive visuals for your online presence.
Branding seo portfolio

Search Engine Optimization

In just the last 3 months we’ve generated significant numbers to help our client gain traction on their brand new website for the keywords that impact their business the most. Of note:

  • 4x increase in SEM Rush trust & authority scores
  • 333 new quality backlinks
  • 30 unranked keywords are now in the top 100 (and growing)
  • 117 new referring domains
  • Increased organic traffic from 0 to a peak of 1,786 users PPC portfolio

PPC & Lead Gen

As a new website, getting conversions for what is essentially an entirely new business is increasingly difficult. We’re proud of the results we’ve gotten in just the last 3 months to start off 2024. Of note:

  • $1.66 average CPC
  • 5% avg. conversion rate
  • $33.34 cost per conversion
  • 88 conversions data dashboard portfolio

Data & Analytics Dashboard

  • Call & Webform conversion tracking
  • Increased leads 30x in 4 months
  • Setup all new data dashboard with 40+ integrations
  • Optimized an ROI and ROAS strategy to track real earned revenue to a keyword level for PPC optimization.

 Exceeding Expectations

“Gorilla Agency has been a dream to work with! Nieco’s enthusiasm is contagious. Nieco and his team have helped make our vision a reality through our logo creation, branding, website creation, and ongoing marketing campaign. They’ve felt like part of the team every step of the way. We are looking forward to working with them for many years to come!”

Nicholas Avenetti

CEO - Mobile and posts - Tablet - Mobile
Hype Video

Take your custom website to another level with our Gorilla “Hype Video,” crafted to showcase what you do in a way that will capture your customers’ attention.

And looks cool, of course.


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