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When Pivotal Talent Search came to us, they were determined to elevate their position in the competitive talent acquisition industry. They sought a transformation that would reflect their role as a critical connector of top talent with leading employers. What began as an initial consultation rapidly evolved into a full-fledged branding and digital marketing strategy overhaul.

Our creative team immediately began reimagining their brand, developing a logo and visual identity that captured the essence of Pivotal’s dynamic and essential role in the recruitment field. The design process was thorough, ensuring every aspect of the new logo communicated professionalism and efficiency. Once the branding was solidified, we moved on to create a tailor-made website. This site was designed to be not just a functional tool, but a compelling showcase of Pivotal’s expertise and the high-caliber opportunities they offer, complete with intuitive UI/UX and responsive design.

To round out our comprehensive strategy, we launched an aggressive SEO and PPC campaign aimed at boosting visibility and driving targeted traffic. By optimizing the site for search engines and implementing a strategic pay-per-click advertising plan, we ensured that Pivotal Talent Search’s online presence not only gained traction but became a leading force in the industry. The result? A polished, professional brand and a digital presence that positions Pivotal Talent Search as the go-to expert in connecting world-class talent with top-tier employers.


Custom UI/UX Website Design

For Pivotal Talent Search, a firm that specializes in connecting elite talent with top employers, the challenge was to create a website that was as professional and dynamic as the candidates they represent.

The result is more than just a website—it’s a digital gateway that invites visitors to engage with Pivotal Talent Search, much like walking into a well-organized corporate headquarters. This project exemplifies how a thoughtfully designed website can serve as an extension of a brand’s mission and a vital component of its market presence.

Here’s what we accomplished with the new Pivotal Talent Search website:

  • Total Brand Revamp: We upgraded from an outdated site to a modern, custom theme that revitalizes their corporate identity, with each element meticulously aligned to their brand guidelines.
  • Custom Design Elements: The site features bespoke graphics and icons that simplify navigation and enhance the aesthetic, ensuring it appeals to high-caliber professionals.
  • Professional Imagery: High-quality visuals across the site reflect the excellence and professionalism of Pivotal Talent Search, reinforcing their stature in the recruitment industry.
  • SEO-Optimized Content: Concisely crafted content, rich with targeted keywords, boosts visibility and draws relevant traffic.
  • Responsive Design: The site offers a seamless experience on any device, facilitating easy access for all users.
  • Efficient Navigation: A well-organized sitemap enhances user experience, ensuring visitors easily find what they need, increasing engagement and potential conversions.

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Logo Design & Branding

For Pivotal Talent Search, we crafted a branding strategy that underscores their expertise in identifying star talent. The new brand identity is designed to resonate strongly with both companies seeking top-tier candidates and the candidates themselves.

Here’s what we achieved in our branding and logo design project for Pivotal Talent Search:

  • Logo Design: The logo incorporates a star icon, symbolizing Pivotal’s ability to discover and recruit star talent. This icon is central to the brand’s identity, reflecting their specialized service.
  • Bold Typography: We chose a bold font for the logo and branding materials to convey strength and stability, qualities that are essential in the recruitment industry.
  • Color Scheme: Light blue was selected for its professionalism and calming effect, evoking a sense of trust and reliability while differentiating Pivotal in the market.
  • Brand Guidelines: Comprehensive guidelines detail the use of the star icon, bold typography, and color palette, ensuring consistency across all platforms and materials.
  • Advertising Copy: For digital marketing, we developed concise ad copy for banner ads, PPC campaigns, and website content. This copy is designed to be impactful and engaging, focusing on Pivotal’s unique position in the market as a recruiter of top talent.

"They took a loose concept and turned it into reality in record time."

The Gorilla Agency are wonderful to work with! They were prompt with their responses and provided precise direction on my website project. They took a loose concept and turned it into reality in record time. They’re collaborative, easy to work with, and professional. Thank you for your brilliant work!

Elif Chevas

SVG of Operations


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