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We’ve had the unique opportunity to work with Alan from Supreme Perlite for several years. As the leader in perlite distribution in the Pacific Northwest, their team had a variety of needs that were nuanced and, in some ways, complex. The initial scope of work included a brand-new website designed to answer the most commonly asked questions in the perlite industry. We wanted to highlight the industry use cases, individual applications, and broad-ranging specifics related to the product grades. As we developed each page, our team was sure to include FAQs by page topic, PDFs for more information, and real photos of the products to show the differences in sizes, which is important to the client.

As we progressed, one thing became abundantly clear: there would be few graphic assets for us to work with. Our team quickly connected with our photography team and headed out to their location to get personalized and professional photos taken for the site and future marketing efforts (the photos were timed perfectly with the morning sunrise, which was not an accident).

As we expanded from the initial website launch, Alan wanted to focus on increasing brand awareness of Supreme Perlite and the product itself. We decided our “AgencyX package” would work great to reach his goals.

As with most of our partnered clients, it’s incredible to learn about everyone’s unique industry and the hard work they put into their craft. Most individuals may not realize the importance of these small perlite granules and their impact on various sectors. Still, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a team more passionate about what they do and how they service their customers.

To date, we’re delivering on an omnichannel campaign with a breakdown of deliverables below:

  • Complex UI/UX website development with custom photography
  • Print development and production
  • Social media style guides and management
  • B2B lead generation
  • Local and national SEO campaign
  • Complete data and analytics overhaul
Custom UI-UX - Supreme Perlite

Custom UI/UX Website Design

It’s essential for us that each website we craft has a unique style and tone to make it worth the investment for our clients. A website should reflect the brand it serves, and often, we find that our creativity needs to be balanced with functions that depend on the industry. None are more representative of that balance than Supreme Perlite. Above all things, the website had to be specific, answer every question on each page, and be thorough in the way we organized the site. We prioritized the customer experience with the Supreme Perlite team’s help to ensure that every visitor was provided the answers they needed in a simple, well-crafted manner.

Here are some highlights for Supreme Perlite’s website:

  • The complete transformation from the previous website to a new custom theme with an updated sitemap.
  • Hand-crafted, beautiful new homepage and interior page designs based on SEO-driven keywords and FAQ’s from customers.
  • Engaging, SEO-rich content that drives traffic, promotes the brand story, and answers FAQ’s from customer base.
  • Professionally designed blog pages for future marketing and brand awareness.
  • Professional photography to make the website feel more personal and honest.
  • And so much more! (But you’ll have to ask them for more details).

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When you work hard to be the best at what you do, you deserve to be proud of the brand you've worked so hard to create. We aim to elevate who you are today to help craft a new style for tomorrow. And every day after.

Social Media Style Guide

As part of this campaign, we were tasked with a unique challenge. The client was updating their packaging and labels with a new, unique QR code already in production. Our team was tasked to ensure this QR code linked to its page and that the page became part of a broader social campaign aimed at the residential marketplace.

We first built a new landing page to serve as our home base (with the client’s help). We included videos, photos, how-to articles, etc. to provide a go-to source for anyone looking to learn more about utilizing perlite products at home.

From there, we crafted a social branding guide to match the style and tone of the Company and the new website. Additionally, we then took over (to start) the client’s Facebook and Instagram pages to begin our campaign and integrated our SEO work to multiply the benefits.

SEO Supreme Perlite Portfolio-1

Search Engine Optimization

  • 4 keywords in the top 3 in just under 3 months.
  • 4 keywords in the top 10 in just under 3 months
  • All 30 keywords are now ranked in top 100
  • 200%+ increase in organic website traffic
  • 400% increase in overall backlinks added


Supreme Perlite Social Media Porfolio-1

Social Media Management

  • 44x increase in total reach on their Facebook page
  • 10x increase in reach on their Instagram page
  • 10x increase in impressions on their Instagram page
  • For the rest, you’ll just have to ask them yourselves!



 Exceeding Expectations

“We recently had The Gorilla Agency delve into a number of important upgrades to our website, blog posts, SEO, social media and direct marketing campaigns. They worked with us to come up with a budget and develop an approach that was uniquely tailored to our needs. Content produced was tasteful, relevant and developed with minimal input on our part, helping us to leverage our internal resources more effectively. Projects were managed through a series of online tools which gave us visibility over the process and allowed us to make suggestions and interact with the designers directly when needed to ensure our goals were being met. As before, I would not hesitate to recommend Nieco and the Team at The Gorilla Agency for any and all of your advertising and marketing needs.”

Alan Kiraly

Sales & Marketing

Supreme Perlite - Desktop Supreme Perlite - Tablet Supreme Perlite - Mobile

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